The Diverse Languages of Morocco – Couscous Fridays with Host Emily Mattingsley

In this episode, Emily explores the multilingual marketplace that is Morocco. At a historical crossroads of many civilizations, Morocco’s language landscape is multilayered and profoundly rich. Emily takes us on a journey through communication and culture to discover just how many cultures influence and make up what we think of as “Moroccan” culture today. From the millenias-old dialects of Tamazight (indigenous Amazigh languages) to the colloquial Darija (the Moroccan dialect of Arabic), from the colonial languages of French and Spanish (which persist to this day!) or the modern introduction of “international” English – Morocco is a polyglot culture where language is tied to identity and social expression. Fluid and dynamic, whether you are in Djemma El Fna or elsewhere across this beautiful country, the languages of Morocco give us insight into some pretty stunning cultural aspects that you just won’t find anywhere else!

For other episodes in this series, click here.


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