The Drawing Board was started by Nakita Valerio in 2009. Over the years, we have picked up many new clients and the scope of what we do has changed from writing to full-on marketing support with the offer of eBook publications, newsletter authourship, social media management and much more. We were founded on the principle that talented people should be acting on those talents, whatever their business may be.


Let’s face it: the digital world is here to stay and if all of us are going to be using websites and social media to communicate, shop, share and live then we had better be doing it well. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that is facing companies, non-profits and charities these days is good, quality content on the social media and websites that keeps them informative, relevant and interesting. This is because of a very simple fact of life: Web designers and business owners are not writers.

We are writers. This is what we do. And even though we make it look easy, we are trained professionals in our trade and we make it our mission to uplift you and your business through our writing services.

Who We Are

What do you get when you cross three historians with passion for writing? You get The Drawing Board.

nakitaNakita Valerio
Owner and Head Writer for The Drawing Board

Nakita Valerio is an academic, activist and writer in the community. She recently finished graduate studies and works as a research assistant in History and Islamic-Jewish Studies at the University of Alberta. Nakita sits on the advisory committee for the Chester Ronning Center for the Study of Religion and Public Life, the Executive Fundraising Board for the YIWCL Cree Women’s Camp, and the Edmonton Heritage Council. Nakita was named one of the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation’s Top 30 under 30 for 2015, and is the recipient of the 2016 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, as well as the Walter H. Johns Graduate Studies Fellowship. She has also been honoured with the State of Kuwait, the Queen Elizabeth II, the Frank W Peers Awards for Graduate Studies in 2015, the Sir Guy Carleton Award for Graduate Studies in History for 2016 and a Government of Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship in 2017. She has been recognized by Rotary International with an Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity and has been named one of Edmonton’s “Difference Makers” for 2015 by the Edmonton Journal. Nakita is the co-founder of Bassma Primary School in El Attaouia, Morocco and the Vice President of External Affairs with the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Other Writers for The Drawing Board include:

rachaelRachael Heffernan

Writer and Researcher for The Drawing Board

Rachael Heffernan has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies at the University of Alberta. In the course of her academic career, she has received a number of scholarships and awards, including the Harrison Prize in Religion and The Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship. During her undergraduate degree, Rachael was published twice in The Codex: Bishop University’s Journal of Philosophy, Religion, Classics, and Liberal Arts for her work on Hittite divination and magic and philosophy of religion. Rachael has also had the opportunity to participate in an archaeological dig in Israel, and has spoken at a conference on Secularism at the University of Alberta on the Christian nature of contemporary Western healthcare. Her wide-ranging interests in scholarship are complemented by her eclectic extra-curricular interests: she is a personal safety instructor and lifelong martial artist who has been recognized for her leadership with a Nepean Community Sports Hero Award. She is an enthusiastic reader, writer, and learner of all things, a tireless athlete, and a passionate teacher.

lizLiz Hill

Writer and Researcher for The Drawing Board

Liz holds a Masters degree in History from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Victoria. Her Masters research focused on late medieval madness and leprosy, and she continues to maintain an interest in social, cultural, and intellectual history. As a graduate student, Liz received the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Walter H. Johns Fellowship, the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship, and the Field Law Leilani Muir Graduate Research Scholarship. She has presented at the HCGSA Conference at University of Alberta, and wrote the entry on Leprosy in World Christianity for the de Gruyter’s Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (forthcoming). She has worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Alberta, as a contract researcher and writer for the Government of Alberta’s Heritage Division, and has worked at the Art Gallery of Alberta since July 2016.

emilyEmily Mattingsley

Writer and Vlog Queen, Host of “Couscous Fridays”

Adventure runs in Emily’s veins. After completing her Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education at The University of Alberta in 2010, Emily has spent the last 6 years traveling and teaching in a variety of settings. She previously used her vivacious speaking and leadership skills working as a mountain trek guide in New Zealand, but has since then discovered her passion for social advocacy. She liaised with community and government during her time as a Youth Program Coordinator for City of Edmonton, specialized herself as a French as a Second Language teacher at Edmonton Public Schools, and now finds herself teaching and event planning for The American Language and Cultural Center in Morocco. She’s passionate about recognizing, understanding and deconstructing social systems that marginalized certain peoples, and truly believes that high-quality public education is the key to social improvement. If she’s not too busy working, you can find Emily gallivanting somewhere unheard of, where she is likely learning a local dialect, expanding her understanding of inter-sectional feminism, and surfing in the sun. Emily plans to begin her Masters in Global Education at The University of Alberta in the fall of 2017.


Erin Newman

Writer and Researcher, Blog Contributor

Erin Newman, M.Ed. is a mental health therapist specializing in the treatment of youth in both private practice and in the public sector. She is also passionate about feminist issues, Indigenous rights, and advocacy for children and youth. Academically, Erin was the recipient of the Indspire Scholarship and the Metis Bursary Award for social services. She hopes to pursue further graduate studies exploring how movement, dance and therapy can assist in healing trauma. Erin uses gardening, nature, and animal therapy for her own personal growth, is a dancer with the integrated and political performing group, CRIPSIE, and spends the rest of her spare time chasing after a toddler.

Here is a very short but convincing list of reasons you should hire a writer from The Drawing Board today.

Writer Vintage

  1. It’s our job. Simple, right? Most successful business owners or managers are those people that realize they need to put their talent in all of the right places. You’re not going to ask your sales director to sit down and write a few blogs a week. A writer loves writing and is darn good at it too, so why not put them in charge of the content for your website, blogs and company eBooks? They won’t get sick of it. They’ll flourish and, as a result, your business online presence and power will flourish too.
  2. It’s what we’re trained to do. There are not many people who can claim to have written hundreds of blog articles and even millions of words, but writers can. Most writers have Arts degrees (or two, or three) and so have been trained and conditioned in the art of writing papers in very short periods of time that have to be relevant and concise. Most writers have honed their craft with other writers and willingly have subjected themselves to rigorous peer review to perfect their skill, page after page, word after word. We’ll leave the business to you if you leave the writing to us.
  3. It will make your life so much easier. Why fight and struggle to generate a few paragraphs of writing for a blog article or suffer with an EBook on your to-do-list for months? If you hire a writer, you can spend your precious little time on more important things like other areas of business, developing new products and services, or even taking time off to spend with family.
  4. It will increase your business. Hiring a writer means you are going to get more content onto your website and social media. Diversified, regular content updates, particularly on blogs or media streams increases your hit rate via search engines and the likelihood that someone will seek out your business online or because they found you online. It also generates more word-of-mouth marketing by increasing your online presence and your “shareability”. The more you post online, the more you will be talked about. Household name status leads to more business. Period.
  5. It can make you a pioneer in your industry. There is a lot of big business that is really slow to get on the technological bandwagon and often, when they do, their approach can be a bit archaic (see: old fashioned, not hip). By hiring a web-savvy writer, you’re investing in your own company and raising your status from dowdy, run-of-the-mill business to an industry pioneer that all the cool cats are talking about. Hire a writer today and watch your business grow, transform and blossom for the better.



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