Aspiring Artists Organization was started at the American Language Center in Mohammedia, Morocco in 2014. The mission of this organization is to promote a cross-cultural artistic exchange by sponsoring residencies of international, established artists to complete projects and enhance the artistic community life in Mohammedia and around Morocco.

It was founded on the following basic principles:

  • Art is essential for human development, growth and expression.
  • Societies with thriving arts communities are healthier and more successful, in general.
  • Art can generate discussion and awareness about important social issues.
  • Art establishes a meaningful dialogue between artists and their audiences with an influence that trickles beyond the sensory


Our hope is that by supporting international artists to complete projects abroad, we are affording them the time, space and practice necessary to produce a meaningful piece or body of work. In turn, the influence that the artist will have on the community at large, particularly our students, and as an ambassador for the American Language Center around the country, will be immeasurable.

The Drawing Board was responsible for the creation of Aspiring Artist’s website, writing, recruitment and program development.