Behrends is a Canadian design-and-build foundry that has been working in the industry since 1952.

Although  they began by specializing in designing and manufacturing cast bronze, aluminum, and brass plaques and signage, they’ve directed their skills and abilities toward a diverse variety of products. Over the last 60 years, they’ve created hundreds of donor and recognition walls and monuments, interpretive displays, custom signage, art pieces, wayfinding systems, entry features, memorial markers, and other diverse items spanning a wide gamut of forms and functions. Their foundry and manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Alberta is comprised of a 12,000 square foot plant consisting of a sand casting foundry, a lost wax art department, a finishing department, a CNC cutting department, a painting department, a design department, and our head office.

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KOLYA NATURALS is a natural skincare boutique, apothecary, learning kitchen and spa in Edmonton, Alberta. They founded this special place based on a passion for herbs, flowers, natural scents… and the pleasure and pampering that come from learning how to play with them.

In the boutique, they are sometimes accused of being purists and natural skincare junkies, who unapologetically and continually seek out new and amazing beauty products.  They line our shelves with the most pure skincare collections and raw ingredients they can find.  What that means for their customers is that you can always go back and find new botanical treasures with them. They are committed to care that is not only wholesome and healthful, but truly effective in treating and caring for the skin. We believe in nourishing the body and the skin…from within.

Those of them in the apothecary delight in gathering the plants as close to nature as they can find them.  They offer botanical workshops and seminars, teaching people how to handcraft skincare and herbal remedies. Earths Aromatiquetheir line of raw ingredients from nature, are used in these workshops – herbs, essential oils, roots, berries, botanical butters, plant waxes, carrier oils and more. And these pure ingredients – contents that echo what was once found in the European apothecaries of antiquity – are what line their shelves too. The Apothecary is about bringing the old knowledge of plant medicine back into the home, while respecting the earth that so freely provides.


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Custom Blinds By Design has been serving the Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton and Sherwood Park areas for over 30 years. They offer the latest designs in custom window fashions from Hunter Douglas – the leading national brand in window coverings. They are proud to offer price protection guarantees and strive to make your interior decorating a pleasant and easy experience.


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Islam 101 is a monthly newsletter published in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It informs the local Muslim community of various services available, the community scheduling for the month, as well as helpful information in the form of Islamic-based articles and anecdotal stories. There is also a crossword puzzle contest in each issue from which applicants can garner $150 in monthly prizes.

islam101 bannerThe Drawing Board is responsible for article writing, crossword puzzle generating, schedule development and some advertising for the Islam 101 monthly publication in Edmonton, Alberta.