The Drawing Board is what you come back to when you need to refresh and enliven.

The Drawing Board was founded by Nakita Valerio in 2009 on the principle that talented people should be free to use their talents without having to worry about their writing, whatever their business or vocation may be. As the business owner and head writer/editor, Nakita is the face of The Drawing Board, while being joined by a team of talented and brilliant contributors.

At The Drawing Board, we specialize in multiple service streams for all of your writing, editing and research needs, including:

These days, quality branded content on social media and websites is what keeps folks informative, relevant and interesting but not everyone has the time or skills to keep up. The same thing goes for academics and other writers who  are busy wearing multiple hats: from instructing to public speaking, and everything in between.

By providing innovative content and services combined  with outstanding writing, The Drawing Board allows business owners, non-profit associations, academics, public intellectuals, writers and other groups to do what they do best without having to worry about their writing.

We are writers. This is what we do. We are trained professionals and we make it our mission to uplift and support you through our writing services.