The Drawing Board staff have spent the better part of 2016 finishing up the development of  Building Acceptance: A Resource about Coexistence, Cooperation and Early Multiculturalism  in Medieval Spain. For more information, visit here.

Education is a key component of the move towards building acceptance and understanding of diverse cultures among Alberta’s students. This vision can be achieved if educators and education developers remain committed to using resources produced for these purposes and remain committed to such an overall vision.

This resource is about more than the history of medieval Spain. It encourages students to think critically about history and how it is told, while considering how these analysis tools can be used to understand the world around them.

This resource provides opportunities for students to:

  • Analyze primary source documents
  • Question the exclusionary practices of identity formation
  • Contemplate pluralism and diversity in their own society
  • Learn about an understudied area of European history
  • Examine the pre-requisites for an equitable and accepting society

The Empowered Voice is a series of Music Therapy workshops conducted by Katherine Bessette aimed at enhancing the voice-body-spirit connection through group song, chanting and meditation. The Empowered Voice works with health organizations using a holistic, sound-healing methodology by which individuals can delight in the discovery of their authentic voices.

We at The Drawing Board are delighted to be in charge of all online media for The Empowered Voice and the incredible services they offer in the community. Be sure to check out their website, Facebook page and Twitter for important updates!

You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down is a three-evening curated film festival and more produced in honour of International Women’s Day in partnership with the Metro Garneau Theatre.
It is an endeavour to promote women in the same spirit as the mandate of International Women’s Day itself, here through art and activism. This festival highlights creativity, resilience and advocacy. Films are about the challenges women have faced in the march toward equality. There will be an artistic component leading up to the screening of each film in the foyer of the theatre.

The Drawing Board was pleased to build the website for this important film festival.

Tumbleweed Portraits and Photography is owned by Angela Patrick – a portrait, wedding, and nature photographer, specializing in people and events with a dynamic and energetic style. A keen eye for colour, composition and fashion gives her photography a classic look with an artistic flair. Angela specializes in event, portrait, family and wedding photography.

Serving the Westlock, Edmonton and surrounding areas, Angela is ready to create stunning visuals for you.


The Drawing Board is proud to provide writing services to Tumbleweed Portraits and Photography.

Paula Pesonen is the founder and main practitioner at Being Massage Therapy. She is passionate about bringing massage to the lives of everyone and strongly believes that integrative therapies are the way of the future. Utilizing a holistic body-mind-spirit approach, Paula helps people achieve their highest degree of health and wellness by taking care of all aspects of their being. Whether you’re interested in massage for relaxation or for deeper therapeutic purposes, Being Massage Therapy is the right place for you.

The Drawing Board designed, wrote and built Being’s website, in addition to maintaining their blog and some social media accounts.

Islamic-Art-3AMPAC is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization that champions active citizenship, multicultural cooperation and civic engagement in Alberta’s Muslim communities. AMPAC focuses on:

  • Community support and engagement — Providing assistance and support to Alberta Muslim organizations with their philanthropic mandates.
  • Political activism and advocacy — Advocating different levels of government and policy makers on behalf of Alberta’s Muslim community and promoting human rights and civil liberties.

Nakita Valerio (The Drawing Board owner) is the Director of Marketing for AMPAC.


spa flowersLe Hammam MediSpa is located in Oakville, Ontario (GTO) and provides professional, medical aesthetic treatments that are effective for a myriad of skin conditions. These treatments – including Medi-Facial, Medi-Needling, Medi-Infusion and Micro-Dermabrasion – give you unparalleled results that will promote repair of the skin while restoring its natural radiance and beauty. In addition to the unique products we use (such as Endocare Tensage and Osmosis professional brands), we also have the ability to customize every treatment specific to each client’s skin. The end result is your healthier, younger and more lustrous skin.


The Drawing Board is happy to be providing marketing materials for Le Hammam MediSpa and will be assisting them in the building of their future website and social media presence.

Call 416 704 2864 for details.

tumblr_mh1hnplyn91qbiu5fo1_500Modern Family Convenience Store is located in south Edmonton at 4 Blackburn Drive – just off the Anthony Henday and close to Ellerslie Road. Described as urban contemporary, Modern Family has artisan ice cream, gelato, Adagio coffee and a number of other conveniences such as lottery tickets, foods, international phone cards and much more. Fiercely and completely independent, Modern Family is, in fact, a family-run small business that is proud to serve its community unique and quality products with a vintage-but-modern feel.1069952_363631217096031_627794702_n

The Drawing Board is happy to be in the process of building Modern Family’s website, blog and presence in social media outlets.

IMG_3395Mindfulness Together represents the practice and instruction of Michelle Johnston in the field of mindfulness and education.

Mindfulness fosters calm, concentration, insight, and creativity. These practices can be used in a variety of academic disciplines. By facilitating experiential learning sessions—situated within the growing field of contemplative pedagogy— Michelle will help you develop and nurture the energy of mindfulness in your own life and in turn in the lives of your students.

Michelle Johnston is pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychological Studies in Education at the University of Alberta. Michelle has taught in the public school system for over a decade where she integrates mindfulness into her classroom. She recently finished a position as the Education Coordinator at the Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for  World Peace and is a Yoga Teacher certified with the Yoga Association of Alberta.

By Ashton Photography

At The Drawing Board, we do more than content management for businesses: we also do writing for your special days, including weddings and other important events! We are happy to offer the following services for any of your needs:

  • Speech Writing
  • Program Writing and Graphic Design
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  • Graphics

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