Three Arabic Poems Chosen for 50 Greatest Modern Love Poems List

Arabic Literature (in English)

The poetry team at the Southbank Centre worked for a year to come up with this international list of the best 50 love poems of the last half-century:

The Saison Poetry Library. The Saison Poetry Library.

According to The Guardianthe team used experts at its Saison Poetry Library to come up with what the Southbank’s head of literature and spoken word James Runcie called “a truly international and stylistically diverse selection of what we see as the best 50 love poems of the past 50 years.”

There is still perhaps an over-accounting of Anglophone poets and an under-accounting — for instance — of poets who work in Indian languages. But the list makes a real effort to embrace poetry from arond the world.

The Guardian also reports that the poems will be read on July 20 at a Southbank Centre event that will see 50 readers — ranging from actors to poets — perform a poem each from the list. Readings will…

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