How to Crowdfund Your Translation


A piece in Qantara magazine explores the new trend of crowdfunding support for translations and provides tips from successful crowdfunders:

Cover of the book "A Bird is not a Stone" (source: Freight Books)The “A Bird is not a Stone” campaign, which ran in early 2014, supported a collection of Palestinian poetry. It wasn’t as viral or high-rolling as major movie or political campaigns, or as one US man’s campaign to make a potato salad, which raised $55,492. Co-editors Sarah Irving and Henry Bell targeted a reasonable £3,000, an amount that would cover travel expenses for select Palestinian poets to come to Scotland, as well as additional distribution of the book. They were delighted to exceed that goal by £540.

Irving and Bell had a number of advantages over other literary crowdfunding campaigns. First, their book contained the work of 25 Palestinian poets and 25 Scottish poet-translators. “I think the fact that there were so many established poets with good contacts did make it a…

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