The ‘Young Writers of Benghazi’ and Other Hopes for a Literary Scene Under Siege


The last month has been a tense time in Benghazi. Hundreds have died in the fight for Libya’s second city, and literary hopes — like others — have been put on hold. But Nada Elfeituri still writes, and still holds a candle for the “Young Writers of Benghazi” group:
1385214_457371767714571_566176174_nElfeituri, who describes herself as “a Libyan who’s obsessed with the intellectual revival of my country,” started the “Young Writers of Benghazi” in August 2013, “though the idea was something I had been planning for a while. Our first project was a story contest in one of Benghazi’s local public school, which we were able to do through a grant with MEPI (the Middle-East Partnership Initiative). The winning stories were printed in booklets, which we distributed among the students and staff of the school, and the winners got gift certificates for a local book store.
This was followed by an online short-story contest…

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