Start your obituary now

Interesting writing exercise.
For Drawing Board fans, what would YOU write?

Live to Write - Write to Live

Let’s talk about a very important piece of writing – your obituary. My father recently died and I, with a few others, was asked to help write his obituary. We all did what we could with the information we had and then it was sent to my mother who added additional information.

My mother sees an obituary as an announcement of death – very formal, very structured.

I saw it differently. I am a storyteller, I saw it as a chance to tell stories of my father’s life.

There is no right, there is no wrong it’s what feel right for the principal players.

This experience has made me think about what I would like my obituary to look like. Forget the colleges I went to or the jobs I’ve had – I want examples of experiences that define who I am, a mother, a mama hen, someone who had…

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