Mindful Togetherness – Community Awareness and Reflections on the Small Truths of the Present Moment

A contemplative reminder to practice mindful awareness from our lovely client at Mindfulness Together. Whether you are going back-to-school or back to work after the summer holidays, mindfulness can bring you back to the important things in your busy day.

Mindfulness Together

tumblr_nfpd0k2yOc1u2i8ono1_400It is 2 PM on a Monday afternoon in June and I am standing outside the student’s union building on campus. A small community has gathered in response to an e-mail invitation to practice mindfulness in nature. We are a small but sincere group of students, professors, and staff at the University of Alberta drawn together by our interest in mindfulness. After exchanging greetings we begin our descent into the river valley. The sun smiles down on us as we walk in silence, alone and yet together. The weather is unseasonably warm and small fresh green leaves are sprouting everywhere. I take a deep breath and enjoy the simple beauty of this moment. As we walk mindfully together, we are creating a shared experience; we are building a community of practice.

Thich Nhat Hahn suggests that the most authentic and enduring way to build a culture of mindfulness in a…

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