Nakita Valerio Named Edmonton “Difference Maker” for 2015

The Drawing Board is pleased to announce that our very own, Nakita Valerio, has been named as an Edmonton “Difference Maker” for 2015 by the Edmonton Journal.  The recognition comes in the wake of her commitment to women’s safety in the City of Edmonton and a number of other initiatives currently on the go including:

  • Nisa-Nashim Muslim-Jewish Women’s Dialogue Group
  • Women’s Safety Class
  • Representative of Islam at City Hall’s Interfaith Conference (December )
  • Public Policy development in the area of historical education with Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council
  • Commitment to International Development and Global Cooperation
  • Public intellectualism
  • Inter-religious Academic Historical Research aimed at Public Policy development in the area of historical education in the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Youth engagement through Community Outreach with the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta
  • and much more…

Keep your eyes on the December 19th edition of the Edmonton Journal to see full coverage of our Difference Maker!


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